Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Dioner Navarro's 2-game Suspension

This is kind of an extension of an earlier post of mine, but obviously suspensions are a big deal to me. Especially when they are this inconsitent.

This time, Rays catcher Dioner Navarro was suspended for two games. While I do think Navarro deserves a suspension for making contact with an umpire while vehemently arguing with him, I think it further indicates the incosistency of the people in the MLB who deal with discipline. Especially when you consider the fact that Cliff Lee (who is discussed in the post I linked earlier) was looking at a 5-game suspension for hitting a guy in a Spring Training game. And yes, I understand that a 5-game suspension for a pitcher really just means he misses one game, but the inconsitency still drives me crazy. Personally, I think a player making contact with an umpire, especially something as full-blown as a "bump" deserves more than a 2-day suspension.

I really think that the MLB should introduce some kind of rubric where certain offenses have certain lengths of suspension. I know they have it in the event that a player fails a drug test, but they should really have it for everything so that they don't like foolish for things like this.


Andrew said...

I agree with the idea of introducing structure to the MLB discipline system. I definitely think this is something that needs to be done sooner rather than later.

Where we disagree is on the fact that bumping an umpire deserves greater than a two day suspension. While it is certainly disrespectful, and I'm not in favor of that, 2 games or even one sounds reasonable to me. Umpires are just guys, and while their authority is law, they are also human, and they make mistakes. Bumping an umpire in frustration is NOT a serious offense. I haven't seen the footage of this in specific, but even if it's clearly intentional, it's obviously a heat of the moment thing. A slap on the wrist is entirely necessary and appropriate, provided there is no history of doing these things.

Anonymous said...

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