Saturday, April 3, 2010

Welcome to my Blog!

Hey everyone,
As you can see this is the first post in my blog. This blog will pretty much completely be about baseball, and all things baseball. While I will admit that I am primarily a Red Sox fan, and they will probably be featured more than any other team, I will be talking about all the goings-on in baseball from the New York Yankees to the Washington Nationals, if they are topics worth discussing.
You can expect statistical discussion, trade discussion, single-game discussion, and well, pretty much anything that has to do with baseball. Most frequently I think the posts will be about current events in baseball, rather than historic things, although I am sure I will bring those up from time-to-time.
I have created this blog because I no longer feel that simply discussing baseball with people I know is enough of an outlet for my passion for the game, and I need to get to the thoughts that I have about the game out on the interweb. I intend to make a minimum of one post a week, and hopefully I can hold myself to that.

Thanks for reading my blog, you can probably expect an actual baseball-related post tomorrow night or on Monday after the Opening Night game! Hope you enjoy reading.

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