Friday, May 7, 2010

The Alex Rodriguez-Dallas Braden Saga.

I don't know if you guys have been paying attention to the whole Dallas Braden-Alex Rodriguez thing, but it's getting a little ridiculous.

If you don't know, a couple weeks ago A-Rod walked over the pitcher's mound after a ball went foul and he had to go back to first base from third base, and the Oakland A's Dallas Braden (who was pitching) kind of freaked out on him, talking about how it's an unwritten rule of baseball for non-pitchers to stay away from the mound. A-Rod applied with a typical A-Rod response of "How many wins does this guy have again?" and saying that he didn't know of this "rule".

Now, to begin with, I kind of agreed with Dallas Braden's being upset about A-Rod's actions, because you really don't EVER see a player on the opposing team even get kind of close to the pitcher's mound. The fact that A-rod replied the way he did also makes it hard to side with him.

But now, a couple weeks later, Dallas Braden is bringing up the issue again essentially threatening A-Rod that if he does it again they are going to fight. Now, you have to give the kid some respect for being bold enough to threaten someone as big in the game as A-rod, but overall I think he's being a little ridiculous now. I know that baseball is a game with lots of revenge in it and long memories, and guys get beaned for things that happened years ago..but for the most part no one talks about it before it happens, threats aren't handed out. The guy just gets beaned next time, and people then remember what happened the time before.

Honestly, Braden should probably have kept his mouth shut about the issue, and should have just hit A-Rod with a pitch the next time he faced him. Making a threat the way he did creates all kinds of issues, and it wouldn't be overly shocking to see him get fined by the Disciplinary Committee.


Furious Gunman said...

A-Rod: "How many wins does this guy have again?"

Dallas Braden goes and throws a perfect game. Well that's one way to shut A-Rod up.


Jacob said...

I'm going to let my post take all the credit for his perfect game.
Just kidding, but it is kind of funny when it happened. haha.