Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Three Perfect Games in One Season...Or Not..

So, tonight Armando Galarraga threw a perfect game, but didn't get credit for it because of a botched umpire call in the 9th inning. That link also has a video, if you want to see how close (or not close, in this case) the play was for the umpire to make a mistake.

It's kind of shocking that that would happen, and it's going to create even more scrutiny for Major League Baseball umpires, something that I know increased following the series of botched calls during the playoffs last year. It's probably also going to lead to an increase in talks about expanding replays for the game.

One of the more shocking things about this botched call is how level-headed Galarraga and his team-mates have been about it. Galarraga and Austin Jackson both stated that they understand that Jim Joyce is human and that he is going ot make mistakes. Many a pitcher would have gone crazy the moment they saw the umpire call the runner safe. Definitely have to give credit to the young Galarraga for keeping his composure.

It should be interesting to see what the MLB says about this, but you can bet that this missed call will probably go down as the worst in history in any sport, simply because a Perfect Game is one of the rarest things in baseball (although they seem to grow on trees lately..), and this umpire's call kept it from happening.


Furious Gunman said...

Armando Gallaraga, 1st pitcher to ever pitch a perfect 28 straight outs in 1 game.

Jacob said...

Haha that's true. That is what he should tell his kids.